Canada is glowing - Canadian Tourism Commission sees results for tourism

VANCOUVER, February 27, 2010 /Canada NewsWire/ - Canada is glowing - at home and around the world.

And while the 2010 Olympic athletes pack up, and the 2010 Paralympians warm up, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is ramping up the most important phase of its tourism strategy: Delivering results for Canada's tourism industry.

"International audiences have seen a new Canada and they're captivated. We're pulling out the stops to keep that interest way up and make it as easy as possible to book a trip and experience Canada in person," says Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO.

Supported by an investment of $26 million from the Government of Canada, CTC completed the ground work around its five year strategy last December. Media from around the world, including the Rights Holding Broadcasters carrying the 2010 Winter Games, were supplied with stunning visuals of Canada, video stories about authentic Aboriginal cultural tourism, and unique travel experiences from every province and territory.

Broadcasters already had the remarkable backdrop of Vancouver. CTC provided media with all-season stories about athletes connecting with Canadians across the country, complementing sports coverage with stories about Canada, for an audience of more than 3 billion people.

CTC's strategy is now playing out in real time.

"There's a surging interest in exploring Canada, discovering ice wine, taking a float plane to a luxury lodge, savouring our culture and our cuisine, and coming back for more. CTC is working full tilt with travel operators and partners to capitalize on this demand," says CTC's president.

CTC is seeing a 100% increase in traffic to its travel website over last month.

"It's soon out of the gate but clearly the world is embracing a different kind of Canada. CTC will do its part in bringing a new generation of explorers into Canada," says McKenzie.

About the CTC

The CTC is Canada's national tourism marketing organization. Our vision is inspiring the world to explore Canada. With our partners in the tourism industry and the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories, we advertise and market Canada in 12 countries around the world, conduct industry research and studies, and promote product and industry development. For daily updates on CTC initiatives, subscribe to CTC News, available through RSS feeds and by e-mail.


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