The Vimy Foundation mourns the death of Canada's last WWI veteran

John Babcock's passing the end of an era

MONTREAL, February 19, 2010 /Canada NewsWire Telbec/ - The Vimy Foundation mourns the death of John Babcock, the last Canadian veteran of the Great War, who passed away Thursday, February 18.

"We offer our most sincere condolences to Mr. Babcock's family and friends," says Vimy Foundation president Andrew Powell. "He was the last living link to this horrific war in which 60,000 Canadians gave their lives, and was a symbol of their bravery and dedication."

John Babcock's passing marks the end of an era, severing forever Canada's living link to one of the most important events in its history. The First World War was where Canada emerged is a nation among nations, distinguishing itself for the first time on the world stage. It was a watershed moment in Canada's history that should not be forgotten.

"The mission of the Vimy Foundation, which is to foster remembrance of this terrible conflict and to learn from it, continues in Mr. Babcock's honour, and the honour of all of those who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice."

In tribute to John Babcock and all of the veterans of the First World War, the Vimy Foundation invites Canadians to take part in commemorative ceremonies on Vimy Ridge Day on April 9, the only specific national recognition of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the events of the Great War. Canadians are also encouraged to wear a Vimy Pin - available from the Foundation - as a symbol of remembrance.

About the Vimy Foundation

The Vimy Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2006 with the goal of making young people more aware of the legacy of the battle of Vimy Ridge, which thrust Canada onto the world stage, gaining it recognition as a signatory of the Treaty of Versailles. The Foundation created the Beaverbrook Vimy Prize, to bring together youth from Canada, United Kingdom and France so that they can better appreciate their intertwined history and gain perspective on Canada's place in the world. More information on the Foundation is available online at