GWSA Peer Learning

Peer Learning sessions are weekly, roundtable discussions of 2 hours each (including a coffee break). For 10 years and more, groups have met to explore important and topical issues, and to have some fun too. Enrolment is limited to 14 people per topic - this ensures everyone's voice is heard

Peer learning is a social, interactive experience. All participants are enthusiastic and eager to learn, and want to hear about your particular point of view. So do not be intimidated by the prospect of “giving a talk“. It is more like a friendly exchange of ideas at the village pump, or by the office water cooler.

Fall 2010 Topics

Life and Death Issues

In modern times, science has given us more power over life and death than our ancestors ever dreamed of. Are we playing God? Are there limits to the humane and ethical use of the technologies we now have? What guidance can religion give us on these issues?

In this session we will discuss topics such as how far the human lifespan can be extended. Why can't we live forever? What about the use of cryogenics to extend life? What implications are there for a world with a growing population of seniors?

At both the beginning and end of life there are also many controversial issues such as birth control and abortion, in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, and the perils of multiple births, euthanasia and assisted suicide, funeral rites, and the issue of burial or cremation..

Join us to hear different views and add to the discussion! - Mondays 9:30-11:30 am - Moderator Barb McLeod

Religions in Crisis

The Roman Catholic Church is torn with revelations of sexual abuse of children by priests and its cover-up. Fewer men and women are becoming priests, monks, and nuns. Christian churches face falling attendance and less influence.

Many of those who practise religion are turning to fundamentalism. Islamic fundamentalists not only threaten western countries, but also attempt to impose extreme regimes on moderate Muslims. The religious right exerts a lot of influence in American politics.

Are Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and other religions also facing crises?
Will religion diminish in importance and societies become more secular, or will religion play a stronger role in many countries?

In these sessions we will discuss these and other issues, and how the followers of religions are coping with the crises. - Tuesdays 1:30- 3:30 pm - Moderator Geoff Richards

Who Ran The World in 2009? Who is running things anyway?

 Every year Forbes Magazine compiles a list of the most powerful people in the world. These are the men and women who keep the world spinning and set the stage that our lives are lived on.

No. 1 is Barack Obama - no surprise there. But the second most powerful man in the world is Hu Jintao. Ever heard of him?

Shouldn't we know something about those who call the shots in our lives? -Thursdays 9.30-11.30 am - Moderator Lois Finlay

How Peer Learning works

Each session consists of two twenty minute presentations, followed by group discussion and exploration of the issues and points of interest raised.

A moderator facilitates the smooth running of the program and encourages full group participation. Participants bring their own ideas and experience to the sessions, and all benefit from the exchanges. With the number of participants limited to 14, everyone's voice is heard, and the discussions are thoughtful and meaningful.

At the first meeting, participants select the aspect of the topic which interests them and determine the date of their presentation

Participants then research their chosen topic and prepare their presentation. The form of the presentation is quite open - it may be just a talk, or it may include handouts, or even a formal presentation - it is up to the individual

Sessions are held at the

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre,

683 Woolwich St Guelph Ontario

Cost $15 per course.

Participants must be members of the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association(Membership Fee $20)

For more information

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Tel - Ross Coulter, President GWSA Peer Learning 519-821-3993