More than 500 food and product recalls and advisories in 2010

Of the total, 101 were for children's products and toys

TORONTO, December 29, 2010 /Canada NewsWire/ - This year Health and Safety Watch tracked more than 500 advisories and recalls issued for food and products in Canada. The events included everything from the recent Quaker Canada cereal bar recall due to the possible presence of peanuts, to big ticket items such as GE dishwashers recalled due to possible fire hazards.

"Some of the recalls, especially those related to food, can have a tremendous health impact," said Dr. Jeff Aramini, CEO of Health and Safety Watch. "For those allergic to peanuts, the Quaker product could have caused a life threatening reaction."

Thankfully most of the time there are no injuries to report, though in the case of the dishwasher recall several minor fires were reported.

"It is important to understand that recalls are usually preventative in nature. They are issued because a product may be harmful not because it definitely is," said Aramini. "Regardless, Canadians need to keep informed. is the only web site that tracks recalls and health advisories in Canada."

2010 recalls and advisories:


...57 Clothing and Accessories
...44 Toys and Related Products
...16 Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
...92 Household Products
...57 Infant/Child Products NOT Including Toys, including 11 for children's pajamas
...13 Label Related, products that do not meet labeling requirements
...13 Outdoor Products, lawnmowers, barbecues, etc.
...33 Sports and Recreation Products
...10 Tools and Hardware
...15 Other


...38 Allergy related, allergens like milk, eggs, peanuts possibly in product
...100 Biologic related, possible E coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc. contamination
...6 Chemical or Physical, possible melamine, glass shards, etc. in product
...11 Other

Health Products:

...70 Drugs, human use
...3 Medical Devices, blood glucose meters, wheel chairs, etc.
...1 Disinfectants
...1 Veterinary Drugs
...1 Other

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