Guelph Transit to offer improved service in 2011

City Council to consider impact on fares and schedules

GUELPH, Ontario, February 11, 2011 – Guelph Transit service is set to change for the better this year. Riders will benefit from a new transit terminal, more direct routes and shorter travel times as the City implements its Transit Growth Strategy this fall.

"We are committed to transit because an affordable, integrated transit system supports a healthier and more connected city that works for everyone,” says Mayor Karen Farbridge. “It allows those without a car or a driver’s license to travel to all corners of the city, and it allows all of us to tread more lightly on the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants."

Over the next few weeks, City Council will consider the impact of transit service improvements on fares and schedules as part of the City’s 2011 budget.

While recent changes to the University of Guelph student U-Pass contribute to more fair and balanced rates for all transit riders, City Council is considering a fare increase for adults and students in 2011.

"A small fare increase is reasonable given that Guelph Transit will actually increase from 20 minute service to 15 minute service during peak periods. That’s a 25 per cent increase in service this year," says Derek McCaughan, Executive Director, Operations and Transit. "This fall, Guelph will have a new transit terminal, improved commuter routes, express routes, and 15-minute service frequency during peak hours. We’re making some big changes this year to ensure that our Transit service continues to meet the expectations of our riders."

"If the proposed fare increase is approved, fares for seniors would not change. Riders who use tickets would pay ten cents more per ride, and a monthly bus pass would cost three dollars more," says Michael Anders, General Manager Guelph Transit and Community Connectivity. "Occasional riders using cash, less than ten per cent of our customers, would pay twenty-five cents more per ride."

It is proposed that Guelph Transit continue to offer 30-minute service frequency during June, July and August and no service on statutory holidays in 2011.

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