Ontario Passes Regulations Enabling Remote Dispensing

PharmaTrustTM technology enables pharmacists to deliver pharmacy services wherever, whenever, in any language

TORONTO, March 18, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - The Government of Ontario today announced passage of regulations that fully enable remote pharmacy dispensing in all areas of the province. Further to the provisions of Bill 179, passed in December 2009, these regulations provide the framework for how remote dispensing will occur in Ontario, and mark a historic moment in health care delivery in Canada. The regulations create the ability to deliver pharmacy services and prescription medication through an automated pharmacy dispensing system, such as the one provided by PharmaTrustTM.

The MedCentreTM, PharmaTrust's first product, is a complete pharmacy with the capacity to dispense over 2000 different prescription and over-the-counter medications, and will include features such as pill counting and refrigeration in the future. The MedCentre is entirely pharmacist operated and controlled, and can allow for 24 hour access to pharmacy services anywhere, without the barriers of time, distance, language, or costs associated with traditional pharmacies. The MedCentre employs state-of-the-art video and scanning technologies to provide patients with a remote, face-to-face consultation in real-time with an Ontario pharmacist, and to have their prescriptions filled quickly and safely. The MedCentreTM is the safest, most comprehensive health care pharmacy system developed globally to date.

"The Honourable Deb Matthews, Ontario Minister of Health, and the Ontario College of Pharmacists, have shown immense vision and a clear commitment to the citizens of Ontario through the creation and passage of these regulations," said Don Waugh, Chairman of PCAS (Patient Care Automation Services), the parent company of PharmaTrust."Demand for access to high quality pharmacy services are growing due to an aging population and new innovations in pharmaceutical care. This comes at a time when pressures on the health care system to deliver services in a more cost efficient manner have never been higher. The MedCentreTM allows pharmacy owners to extend their reach without the significant capital costs associated with bricks and mortar pharmacies, and this is good news for patients who require greater access to pharmaceutical care."

With these new regulations, the expanded access to pharmacy services throughout the province, particularly in remote or underserved areas, will be greatly enhanced. Additionally, the new regulations create opportunities for pharmacists to use innovative technology to support expansion of their practice, allowing them to become the most accessible health care provider.

"We are pleased to be creating an environment that allows for the cost effective and efficient expansion of quality pharmacy services through the passing of these regulations," said Hon. Deb Mathews, Ontario Minister of Health. "These forward-looking regulations truly pave the way for safe and convenient access to pharmacy services for every single person in Ontario."