Healthy Aging® Magazine Hits Newstands - Debuts as Digital

By Healthy Aging

The time has never been better to launch Healthy Aging® Magazine

Healthy Aging® Magazine debuts with promises of inspirational articles, tips, techniques and information for positive aging. The full-color magazine banks on the stats that the majority of people over 50 are avid researchers of how to keep back the hands of time. They want positive, how-to information and would rather (or must) “re-invent” themselves than retire. The magazine is free.

According to publisher, Carolyn Worthington,

“The mission of Healthy Aging® Magazine is to make a positive difference in the lives of older adults, who seek content, ideas, inspiration and critical information in the areas of physical, social, mental and financial health as a means to take greater responsibility for their own health.”

Designed by Barbara Chapman, one of America’s top designers, the magazine will initially be a free, digital magazine available by simply clicking on the magazine via Healthy Aging®, www.healthyaging.net. A print subscription version is slated for later in the year.

“Even if you are technologically challenged,” says Chapman, “you can easily just ‘turn the pages’ of our new magazine. We intend to make this not only an interesting magazine, but one you enjoy looking at, printing, sharing and saving.”

The digital magazine has been created to appeal to the magazine reader who wants the same experience as they have with a print publication. The table of contents allows for easy navigation. Just like one can tear out and save articles, the digital version offers save and share functions. All back issues will be saved online for future reference.

The ad sales team is targeting companies in the categories of physical, social, mental and financial fitness. “When people think of aging, they always think physical fitness,” Worthington notes, “But our research has shown that mental wellness, the importance of social support systems and financial fitness are just as important. That’s why we plan to attract upbeat companies in such categories as financial planning, continuing education, supermarkets, travel, food as well as the physical fitness.”

The advertising pages will offer dynamic possibilities, from embedded slideshows and video, to polls and Twitter feeds or links to Facebook. The digital publisher is Texterity, a leading provider of digital and mobile publishing solutions already with publications like Better Homes & Gardens, More, Advertising Age. In addition to being available via the Healthy Aging® website, issues may be obtained through Coverleaf. Like a traditional newsstand, Coverleaf displays and sells current issues of the public’s favorite periodicals.

The Healthy Aging® brand has developed over 15 years, from public television documentaries, educational materials, an award winning website, books, and tapes on the subject.
“When I started working on the concept, no one wanted to talk about growing older,” Worthington says. “Finally, the baby boomers are starting to see they need good information – and not just stuff about how decrepit they are or will be. They want to know, ‘how can I actively pursue my next 50 years,’ and we are here to help.”