Happy 3rd Birthday GWSA Website! and congratulations on your 30,000th visitor today

from the GWSA Sentinel

GUELPH, Ontario November 4, 2011 - Guelph Wellington Seniors Association - This month is the third anniversary of the GWSA website in its current inception.

Webmaster, Ken Russell, set up the new site in November/December 2008 as an introduction to potential new members seeking information and as an enticement to people considering a move to Guelph. However, the site also has links to active GWSA clubs and services, and a complete copy of each monthly Sentinel newsletter as a .pdf file.

For people who want to be interactive, they can post comments on six Blogs which are:

Take Advantage of Your Senority
Duffer's Rule
Feeling Better - Eat Well
Boomers Info Kiosk
Go Evergreen
Cyber Security for Seniors

All this plus a Facebook connection and information on Twitter and GWSA members are leaping into the 21st. century.

Ken is a self-taught computer techno-whiz and just recenty upgraded from playing around on his eldery Windows 98 system with dial-up internet.

"If I make it simple, I can train someone else to take over," says Ken, refering to the many websites he's set up for churches, friends, and other organizations.

Joining Wellington Freespace in the mid 1990's encouraged Ken to experiment and he's now been making web pages since 1996. He programs on a word processor and describes himself as "graphically challenged." However, new members viewing the web page agree that it looks very professional.

Ken is quick to comment his page is a new version of the original website programmed by Jim Langedijk. In the early days, the page was aimed at member news. When Jim retired, Ken took over the web address and changed the page to a more corporate website with a brochure look.

Ken says
"it's designed to attract new members and to encourage current members to click on information links for news, events, and updates on services."

Check it out at:

Fast Facts:

Visitors to the website Nov 4, 2008 - Nov 4, 2011 30,010
Average visitors per day 20,
Average visitors per week 143
Average visitors per month 597
Total visitors to the six blogs 60,175