Santa shares some of his letters online

NORTH POLE, H0H 0H0, December 2, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - Santa is overjoyed with all the mail he is receiving! The season's most popular pen pal is very grateful for the wonderful letters he receives from children all around the world. Today he read a few of those letters online (

Thousands of letters are arriving at the North Pole Post Office every day. "Santa's Post Office is almost as busy as Santa's Toy Shop," says Sally, Santa's chief postal elf.

Among the letters shared today is one from 6-year-old Sienna, who lives in Ottawa. Sienna has her room decorated for Christmas and is already listening to holiday music. She would like a camera for Christmas—to take pictures of her family—and wanted Santa to know she is working hard at school. She also wanted to make sure Santa brought a gift for her sister, noting that otherwise her sister "will take all of my stuff!"

Daniel, writing from Nova Scotia, gave Santa a chuckle with his letter when he wrote, "Last year I think you got stuck in our chimney a bit because there were dirty footprints on our carpet!" Daniel also seems to have sibling concerns, telling Santa it's hard for him to always be good because, "my little brother bugs me all the time. Santa he really is a pest, but no one other than me seems to know it." Santa had some sage advice for Daniel on his video.

Children are encouraged to send letters to Santa soon, to give him enough time to respond, and are reminded to include their return address. This year, Santa is set to receive his 20 millionth letter since Canada Post began, 30 years ago, counting the mail he receives. To help Santa manage the expected 1.25 million letters he'll receive this year, he has enlisted some 9,000 volunteer postal elves who will ensure his holiday greetings are delivered before the big day.