5 Ways to Getinvolved during National Volunteer Week April 16th-April 22nd

Offer your Time and Talent @

TORONTO, April 12, 2012 /Canada NewsWire/ - A recent report by Volunteer Canada found that 33% of Canadians who want to volunteer don't know how to get started. Canada's largest online volunteer network,, matches volunteers with organizations that need their help. If you're an accountant who cares about kids, a techie who is passionate about international development, or a student looking to build your resume has FIVE great ways for people to get their feet wet.

ONE: Create a "Volunteer Offer"

Tell us what you care about, your skills, and where you live and GetMatched to organizations that need your help.

TWO: Take our Volunteer Quiz

Are you a groupie volunteer? Then events are right for you. Perhaps you are an A Type volunteer who needs to work on defined projects? Take our VQ to find out your Volunteer Type and we'll match you with opportunities that are right for you.

THREE: GetMatched with over 3500 Volunteer Opportunities

Use our GetMatched tool to find a volunteer match that's right for you."Navigating Getinvolved is like going into a candy store", says Greg Overholt, Executive Director, Students Offering Support, the volunteers we've found at have been passionate about what they're doing. It's been a great resource."

FOUR: Become a 21st Century "Virtual Volunteer"

New technologies are the wave of the future, according to the 2012 UN report. They note that online activism is on the rise, but few organizations are engaging people online. At you become a Virtual Volunteer or search opportunities that allow you to make a difference across the street, the country, or around the world, when and where you want.

FIVE: Volunteer to build your resume.

Alexa Marschel, 28, who used the site to find Canadian work experience, says

"Getinvolved is a great interface, I just loved being able to really hone in on what I wanted. If you've got some time, and you've got some passion, you will find something that's right for you because there's so many great organizations."

"National Volunteer Week is a great time to reflect on how we can all become more engaged in our communities and connect with issues we're passionate about," says Dorothy Engelman,, Executive Producer. "We are proud of the contribution is making in supporting volunteers and the amazing organizations who rely on their skills, which wouldn't be possible without our committed partners." is a FREE tool for volunteers and organizations.

Launched in 2008 in partnership with TVO, Getinvolved has forged strategic partnerships with Volunteer Canada and Manulife Financial. Today is Canada's largest online volunteer network including:

...2100 national, local and grass-root organizations ...5800 volunteers Canada's largest source of skilled volunteers ...3500 volunteer opportunities Canada's single largest source of volunteer opportunities ...1000's of virtual volunteers and opportunities ...Over 100 videos featuring activists, innovators and social entrepreneurs