Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative

GUELPH, Ontario August 8, 2012 - The Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative (CWI) has been creating quite a buzz around the City this summer. For anyone that hasn’t heard of it yet, the Guelph CWI is a new community project that has the goal of giving each person in Guelph the best possible quality of life. The project is being led by the City of Guelph, but it is the community who will decide what wellbeing means and decide what we need to do to get us there.

The idea is to get people in Guelph talking to each other about what matters in life and talk to the City about these issues, then come up with solutions together. So it’s about a conversation and action.

These ‘conversations’ are happening all over the City – giving people in Guelph many different opportunities to share their views. One of the easiest ways for people to participate is to fill out a short 5 question comment card, whether online or at one of the many drop box locations around the City (libraries, community centres, including Evergreen Seniors Community Centre). Volunteers have been trained to lead discussions with community groups, neighbours, co workers or whoever wants to provide input. Other volunteers attend community events and high traffic areas, stopping people for one-on-one interviews, asking people what matters to them. There will also be a large public event and workshops held in each ward starting in Fall 2012.

The goal is to get as many people in Guelph to join the conversation – people of all backgrounds, ages, and opinions – so that the definition of wellbeing and the actions taken going forward are based on the real needs and values of the community.

Through these talks, the project team will work with the city residents to develop a Guelph Wellbeing Plan. This plan will guide all residents of Guelph, the City and community partners, on how we as a community can improve the wellbeing of people, neighbourhoods and the city as a whole. It will be a guide for the whole community, including leaders, community groups and individuals. When it’s finished, the Guelph Wellbeing Plan will be a source of inspiration for new projects, actions, and relationship in the community.

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