Concerned about the future of healthcare in Canada, Toronto doctors create Mywebhealthreport to empower consumers

TORONTO, January 10, 2014 /Canada NewsWire/ - With up to 85% of total healthcare spending consumed within the last few years of life, treating the growing epidemic of chronic diseases will increase the risk of overburdening the Canadian healthcare system as the baby boomer generation gets older and sicker.

Canada's flawed healthcare system

Mostly geared towards treating sick people, not enough resources are allocated to preventing healthy people from becoming ill and developing chronic disease.
Dr. Walter Heidary and Dr. Eamonn Keane, recognizing this weakness, developed a national web-based platform, Mywebhealthreport, for Canadians to take personal ownership of their health by eliminating or mitigating their risk factors for developing chronic disease.

"Two-thirds of healthcare funding goes to bureaucracy and administrative costs, while only $0.33 of every dollar is spent on actual patient care," said Heidary, founder, Mywebhealthreport. "With Mywebhealthreport, 100% of funds are spent on the consumer. The future of healthcare must include greater emphasis on prevention in addition to earlier disease detection to improve overall outcomes at a lower cost."
Empowering consumers and changing lives

"Chronic diseases are the most prevalent and costly health problems of our time," said Keane, leading doctor, Mywebhealthreport. "They are the leading cause of death, disability and lost productivity. By optimizing personal wellness approaches, many chronic diseases can be prevented or effectively controlled."
Mywebhealthreport provides evidence-based wellness strategies, with a Health Risk Assessment, biometric testing, and screening for up to 14 types of cancers, heart disease, hormone imbalances and food intolerances.
Not only are consumers empowered and able to take control of their health, but it also creates a gateway for companies to fulfil their responsibilities as employers.

"Signing up our employees with Mywebhealthreport was very important to us," said Joe Donnell, president, Donnell Insurance Brokers Ltd. "At Donnell, we invest in our employees. The entire process was easy and efficient with a quick turnaround on comprehensive results. I can see that our employees appreciate us investing more into their health. Mywebhealthreport did a great job following up with next steps to improve their health."
Identifying the struggle, Mywebhealthreport provides a preventative approach through enhanced health initiatives for the most affordable rates to all Canadians.